Adobe Lightroom catalog got deleted on iOS recently? Apparently, you’re not alone.

The incident happened after the Adobe Lightroom 5.4 update rolled out earlier this week. User Mohamad Alif Eqnur posted on the Photoshop feedback forums saying that he updated the iOS editing app and lost all his presets and pictures along the process.

Screeb grab | Photoshop Feedback Forum

A couple of users replied saying that they have experienced the same issue. One user, Karen Floyd, expressed her dismay as the bug deleted all of her preset and most of her 8,000+ photos.

Rikk Flohr, a representative from Adobe, responded to the thread acknowledging the issue and said that they’ve applied a patch on the 5.4.1 update. Meanwhile, users of the Android, macOS, and Windows apps were never affected.

Screeb grab | Photoshop Feedback Forum

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However, it appears that the files from the affected iOS users have been deleted permanently. Adobe didn’t state the exact number of affected users, but it did reveal that the bug affected Lightroom Mobile users who didn’t have Adobe Cloud subscription.

Moreover, those who have the subscription have also lost the files that were not yet synced to the cloud. Adobe recommends users to check their iPhone or iPad backups to see if the locally-saved photos can still be retrieved.

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  1. I had also the same issue on MacOS and I try photo recovery software such as Stellar Photo Recovery to recover missing photos from the storage drive. Subsequently, re-reference those photos from Lightroom Classic.