Just like Grab, Angkas is a ride-hailing application which focuses on having motorcycles and/or habal-habal vehicles to be addressed by passengers amidst the car-crowded streets of Manila.

However, Angkas was dubbed illegal as, according to the law, motorbike riders cannot pick up passengers then have them pay.

Although private vehicles have been granted permission to do this kind of service for the public through the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS), it seems like the Department of Transportation Order (which recognized TNVS) only allows utility/sports vehicles, vans, and other 4-wheelers. This kind of colorum status gave Angkas a halt.

Finally, the House of Representatives legalizes the Angkas and is bound to continue operation.

Firstly passed during last Wednesday’s session, Motorcycle-for-Hire Act (HB 8959) composes of 6 legislative proposals which authorize LTFRB to permit the operation of motorcycles as public utility vehicles.


“We feel for you. That is why we requested the Office of Congressman Cesar Sarmiento to be here. Whatever will transpire here, we will give to the Committee on Transportation.” — Aileen Lizada, a board member from the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Under the bill, operators are required to administer their insurance coverage for their drivers, riders, and third party. Authors of the measure are Reps. Raul del Mar (LP, Cebu), Rozzano Rufino Biazon (PDP-Laban, Muntinlupa City), and Pedro Acharon (NUP, General Santos City).

The LTFRB also mandates to determine, prescribe, and adjust fare rates and other charges for the operation of these motorcycle-for-hire vehicles. They will also be determining routes for motorcycles to take in order to give priority to higher-capacity vehicles.

Part of the fare rates will be the 20% discount on students (regular domestic fares) as long as they provide proof of their enrollment or a valid I.D card. This is because the congressmen also approve the second reading for the Student Fare Discount Act (HB 8885) which seeks to institutionalize the fare privilege for all students.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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