One of the key differences between Android and iOS is app sideloading. With Google’s mobile operating system, users have the ability to sideload apps that are not available from the official Play Store. However, Apple have been firm that they’re against this feature.

Apple is so against it that an Apple executive even said that users who want to sideload apps can move to Android or other platforms.

However, it looks like Apple will ease things out on its “walled garden”. As per a reputable Apple analyst and leaker Mark Gurman, the Cupertino giant may be working on allowing app sideloading for iPhones.

If true, and once implemented, it could change iOS forever as it will now allow users to download any app they want that is not present on the App Store.

Plus, this could allow developers to stay away from Apple’s huge 30% share on app profits.


While it sounds really groundbreaking, Apple’s move isn’t that surprising considering that the EU is pressuring Apple to allow iPhone users to sideload apps.

The EU even made the Digital Markets Act that will take effect next year, which will ultimately push apple to allow iPhone sideloading.

That said, Gurman said that the sideloading feature will only be available for the EU. Well, at least initially. This is because only the EU has the said law and markets like the United States and other countries don’t have it, hence, Apple is not obligated to do so.

It is also said that the Digital Markets Act is pushing Apple to make big updates to NFC access, iMessage, and Find My.

Source: Bloomberg

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