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Apple launches free repair service for 2016 MacBook Pros with faulty backlights


Apple is not only hoping to correct the 2016 MacBook Pro’s faulty keyboard, but they are doing something about another issue. The business has established a repair program that provides free fixes for 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros afflicted with a problem that causes a flex on the cable strain (aka “Flexgate”) which produces a stage light effect over the display’s back light until it dies eventually.

The good news is consumers won’t need to shell out money on an otherwise expensive repair to have their MacBooks fixed.

But this is probably not the end of the story. Units from 2018 and newer revisions use longer cables to mitigate the risk. However, based on iFixit findings, the 15-inch variant of the 2016 MacBook might also be affected by the issue

For those who paid for their own repairs already, Apple is assuring reimbursements for everyone as long as they submit the necessary documents needed. We’re hoping that the company will include other affected laptop models in the free repair program soon.

Source: Apple


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