ASUS unintentionally pushed malware, which can potentially affect more than one million people, to thousands of computers. This is after one of its servers was hacked last year, according to Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm.

Kaspersky added that more than 57,000 people installed the backdoor, which stays undetected for some time.

The cybersecurity company said that malicious malware was used by the hacker from three other companies.  Dubbed a “ShadowHammer”, the attack was uncovered because of a new supply-chain detection technology.

The Taiwanese tech manufacturer admitted that its Live Update tool had been hacked, but it also added that “only a small number of computers had been affected by the code”. However, the company didn’t give any figures regarding the attack.   

ASUS said that it has been taking some actions to resolve this issue. The company had upgraded its software to prevent any malicious code from manipulating their devices.  What’s more, they had been providing assistance to ensure that the malware is removed. It strengthens its customer service to reach out and guide their customers regarding the security risks.

ASUS, which makes laptops, handsets, and other electronic devices, said that the attack, which they called “Advanced Persistent Threat”, targets international organizations instead of computers.

Via: Rappler

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