With the popularity of high-performance mirrorless cameras, most people are now looking at bridge cameras as boring and almost pointless to purchase. But then, here comes Nikon surprising us with its new addition to their CoolPix line up.

This is the Nikon Coolpix P1000, and by the looks of it, this is far from the traditional bridge cameras that we came to know.


The flagship feature is its ridiculous 125x superzoom capability, which easily surpasses the 83x zoom of its predecessor, the CoolPix P900. This camera can see from the far distance that you can easily snap a photo of the moon with it.

Actually, even if you’re not into snapping lunar photos, you can still use this just to appreciate the moon. It’s like having a really capable telescope for stargazing. The camera uses a 3000mm equivalent NIKKOR ED glass lens.

Other than taking a picture of the moon, having a telephoto lens means you can use it in wildlife, sports, and other genres of photography with faraway subjects.


Nikon also said that it has “rock-steady image stabilization” as it uses Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction system. We’re not certain if its better than having a traditional optical image stabilization, but its there. And since you’d be stretching its focal length, you really need any kind of stabilizer that you can get from this camera.

Other than taking pictures, the Nikon CoolPix P1000 is also great at shooting videos. It can shoot 4K UHD videos with stereo sound. There’s an HDMI port so you can record externally, and a microphone jack to capture audio via different audio recorders.

Once you’re done taking pictures, you can easily share it online by transferring the file on your smartphone using the Nikon SnapBridge app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Nikon CoolPix P1000 Specs

  • 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor
  • 125x optical Zoom, NIKKOR ED glass lens
  • 4.3 – 539mm (3000mm equivalent)
  • f/2.8 – f/8 aperture
  • 4K UHD recording
  • ISO: 100 – 6400
  • 7fps continuous shooting
  • Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction system
  • OLED electronic viewfinder
  • 3.2-inch TFT-LCD monitor
  • Hot-shoe mount
  • Built-in flash
  • micro HDMI port
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Nikon SnapBridge app compatible
  • Dimensions: 146.3 x 118.8 x 181.3mm
  • Weight: 1,415g
  • EN-EL20a Li-Ion battery

The CoolPix P1000 will have a retail price of USD999.95 (~Php53,700) when it becomes available in the United States in September.

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