Ever kept watching Back to the Future Part II or The Fifth Element (or heck, any other SciFi set in the future) and kept wondering, “When will we get that flying car that SciFi kept promising us? And Milla Jovovich, when can I get to clone Milla Jovovich?

Heck, we’re just a couple of years away from Marty McFly’s future, and in that future, flying cars are uber common. Well, fret not. At least one company is trying to meet that deadline.

Meet The Transition, the first flying car to be available for purchase by ordinary folks like you and me. This flying car by Massachusetts-based firm Terrafugia, is designed to be driven both on the road and in the skies. They plan to have it be available by 2015, which will make the Marty McFlys inside us to squeal in glee.


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Well, ok, it looks nothing like what we see in the movies. In fact, it looks just like a small plane with a foldable wing, but, hey, it’s a start. Controls can transition from the familiar steering wheel and gas and brake pedal for driving to a stick and rudder pedals for flight controls. Terrafugia even said that you won’t even need a pilot’s license for flight controls because they’ll be incorporating a sophisticated autopilot program that will do much of the flying for you. So, anyone excited for 2015? Hit up the sources for more info!

[Sources: GMA News, Terrafugia]

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  1. As long as it needs a runway to be able to fly, I think its still a plane disguised as a car. If only a car can do a VTOL, then can we truly say its futuristic. But hey, its a start! :)

    1. True. Well, Terrafugia actually has a VTOL Flying car in the works: the TF-X, but that won’t make it to 2015 just yet :(