Food delivery became really popular during the pandemic due to heavy restrictions that forced people to be stuck at home.

Now that lockdowns are pretty much over, dine-in and pick-up services are starting to grow back again. But according to food delivery platform Foodpanda, there are still a lot of Filipinos who prefer their food delivered to their doorstep.

Daniel Marogy, Foodpanda Philippines’ CEO, said that the relaxed restrictions in 2022 allowed Filipinos to “finally go out and perform outdoor activities like shopping and dining out.”

This is why they saw a mix of demand for face-to-face services and food delivery services.


However, Marogy said that people are still hesitant to go out at the start of 2022. Remote working and online school are still being held, so they still have their food and groceries delivered to them instead of going out physically.

Evidence of this is Foodpanda’s Valentine’s Day performance where they saw the highest orders of 2022.

But as the cases drop and a lot of people are getting vaccinated, Foodpanda has seen an increase in pick-up orders and dine-in.

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Despite this, Foodpanda will continue to adopt by offering ways for Filipinos to get their meals via pick-up or dine-in through the app.

For one, the Foodpanda pandapro service can give users access to exclusive discounts, deals, and more. In fact, the company claims that those who use the service order 150% more and save 5x more compared to non-users.

The platform also said that online grocery delivery is still in demand via its Pandamart service.

For 2023, the Foodpanda claims that it will launch new services that are still focused on food.

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