Despite the rising number of complaints it’s been receiving, Globe is still pursuing ways to curb heavy data usage on its network. In fact, the company is proposing a tier scheme that would basically increase the bill of data-hungry users.

As presented to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in a position paper, Globe is suggesting a new tier system that classifies subscribers on unlimited services according to the volume of data they consume. As the data volume increases, users are charged with a bigger fee. Users on a true unlimited (or no data restraints whatsoever) service would be charged a premium rate.

The move is intended to dissuade mobile users from availing of unlimited services, thereby compelling them to use other (and cheaper) plans instead. Only those willing to spend a costly sum are entitled to a “special service.”

Globe is trying to get the NTC to set a cap on unlimited services, a regulation that all local broadband service providers should follow to conform to fair use. This might seem unacceptable to many Internet users, but implementing data limits is quite logical amid the rapid rise of network data traffic. For one thing, data usage last year went as high as 47 gigabits per second, a significant increase over 2011’s 12 Gbps.

[Source: ABS-CBN]

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  1. Douchebag = Globe -_-
    the internet service is getting worst here in our country, if its not “True Unlimited” then why advetise it as UNLIMITED then?