Following approval from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), ride-hailing giant Grab Philippines is set to charge higher fees for its transportation services.

The LTFRB issued the decision on September 16, 2022, giving Grab PH and other network vehicle services (TNVS) companies, the authority to raise their flag down rate by Php5, commensurate to the vehicle type.

For example, sedan cars that used to charge a flag down rate of Php40 will soon be charging Php45 as a maximum flag down rate, and Asian or sports utility vehicles that used to charge a Php50 flag down rate will soon be charging a maximum of Php55. Meanwhile, hatchbacks and compact cars will have a base flag down rate of Php35.

Vehicle TypeGrab Flag Down Rate
Hatchback, compact carsPhp35
AUV and SUVPhp55

The approved Php5 increase in flag down rate, however, is relatively smaller compared to Grab’s official request for a Php20 hike.

Originally requested in 2021, Grab, via its parent firm, proposed for a per-kilometer fare of Php16 to Php25 from the existing Php13 to Php18, according to the vehicle type; while per minute charge to be set at Php3.

Apart from the flag down rate, the LTFRB denied the request for the adjustments in other fares. The approval comes concomitant to the recent rise in oil prices.

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