Hitachi, a large Japanese multinational company, is offering modern society and industry solutions with their Social Innovation Business.

The company’s Social Innovation Business utilizes the combination of advanced Information Technology with operational technology to come up with solutions that either the society or the industry needs.

More specifically, Hitachi will make use of the latest IoT (Intenet of Things) digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

One of these IoT technologies is EMIEW3, Hitachi’s humanoid service robot. The EMIEW3 demonstrates how both software and hardware can work together to deliver relevant and real-time solutions.

The EMIEW3 robot is built to think and move fast. The robot is connected to cloud-based robotics IT platform that incorporates AI, and serves at its brain. This helps EMIEW3 to deliver fast and relevant information. The platform also makes the IoT hardware interconnected, so they can relay information and transfer services between units.

Furthermore, Hitachi’s AI can also benefit both the society and many industries. Most industries like finance, manufacturing, and logistics struggle with large amounts of data. All these information are crucial for the business’ growth, as it will be the basis of their next move. Hence, these data should be thoroughly analyzed.

This is where Hitachi’s AI will come to work. This advanced technology, together with their advanced analytics platform, will do all the thinking and come up with the best possible solution.

Hitachi’s aim is to provide tools to help both the society and the industry to come up with a better tomorrow.

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