Leica’s branding, being attached to flagship Huawei devices, has been one reason for the mobile brand’s success. Well, besides actually having great camera performance by themselves.

Their partnership started with the Huawei P9 in 2016. Since then, flagship Huawei devices such as the Mate and P series have come with Leica co-developed camera design, image processing, and UI design, even on the latest Mate 40 series.

Now, a well-known tipster in Weibo named Digital Chat Station claims that the partnership of Huawei and Leica has already expired.

What’s more, it’s also said that other Chinese tech companies are starting to reach Leica to have their brand and technologies attached to their smartphones.

Via: Android Authority

However, in a statement they’ve given Android Authority, Huawei debunked the issue. They said that the claim is “absolutely fake news.” The tech website also reached Leica, where a representative saying that they “have no information about the termination of the partnership.”

Huawei might have been badly hit by the US ban imposed on them. Still, it appears that it doesn’t affect their partnership with Leica, a German company, unlike their business relations with other partners and suppliers — especially those based in the United States.

Since their partnership with Leica, a couple of Huawei flagship has been regarded as the best camera phones in the market today. As you can see in our Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro camera reviews, we can attest to their camera capabilities.

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