More leaks and rumors about the iPhone 12 came out over the weekend.

This latest one was kind of already known, but now has been confirmed by the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, the source of some of the biggest iPhone 12 leaks that we had recently.

It’s said that Apple engineers were facing issues in bringing the 120Hz ProMotion technology on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. However, they were able to bypass them, since they won’t settle for a 90Hz panel.

We’ve seen the 120Hz ProMotion technology on the iPad Pro, which is possibly the first mobile device to have it. As of writing, it’s now a top feature on flagship devices like the OnePlus 8 Pro and Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Just like these Android devices, the iPhone 12 Pro models are expected to offer dynamic refresh rate switching. As you know, high refresh-rate screens eat up a lot of power. Users can switch back to 60Hz if they want to conserve battery — or whatever clever power-saving feature Apple comes up with.

To compensate, it’s also said that Apple engineers are working to increase the battery by about 10%. However, don’t expect to have a dramatic improvement in battery life, especially if you’re planning on using it at a smooth 120Hz refresh rate all the time.

Image | EverythingApplePro

Probably one of the biggest improvements in the iPhone 12 series is the new design. It’s said that the notch will now be smaller, which leads to changes in Apple’s FaceID facial recognition technology.

The FaceID on the iPhone 11 series is already fast and reliable enough. So, we expect nothing less on this update than to only reconfigure the hardware to make it smaller.


We expect the iPhone 12 series to be revealed in September, just like last year. Before that, we’ll still see more leaks about it. We’ve compiled everything we know about the iPhone 12 series for you to check out.

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