Apple is releasing a new iPhone SE, its sole budget-friendly smartphone, only every two years.

The newest one was the iPhone SE 2022 model, which means that the next one will not arrive until 2024. However, it appears that we don’t have to wait for that long because, well, there’s nothing to wait for at all.

Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple has discontinued the iPhone SE line.

As per Kuo, Apple has already ordered its supply chain partners that the iPhone SE 2024 production and shipment plans have been canceled.


It’s said that this move has reverberations that reached the brand’s rumored in-house baseband chip.

The said baseband chip was supposed to be first used on the next iPhone SE, making it like a guinea pig so if things go south, at least they first used it on an insignificant smartphone.

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However, if things go well, the chip might land on a flagship smartphone, possibly the iPhone 16 or later.

With this, the cancellation of the iPhone SE 2024 might mean a couple of things. The main one is that Apple’s baseband chip’s performance might only be on par with Qualcomm’s offering. This means that the chances of the third-party chip company supplying CPUs for the iPhone 16 have increased significantly.

If we’re being optimistic, this could also mean that Apple is preparing a different kind of budget iPhone. Say, a much more affordable vanilla iPhone 16 model that’s distanced way better than the Pro variants in terms of specs and features.

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