The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) reminded the public that the mandatory SIM registration is completely free. This is after the reports stated that there are individuals who are offering a paid service to assist people in registering their SIMs.

A report suggests that there are individuals, primarily on social media, who are advertising a paid service that will assist people in registering their SIMs, which costs about Php10 per SIM.


As per the NTC, individuals who are caught committing such acts will be punished since the law specifically dictates that SIM registration should be completely free.

What’s more, some individuals might break confidentiality rules and use a person’s obtained personal data to commit identity theft and fraud.

If you’re having problems or think the SIM registration system is complex, Smart Communications said that they are offering free assistance on their Smart Stores, booths, and touchpoints.

Also, there’s also a complete and easy guide on how you can register your Smart, Globe, or DITO SIM.

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The main goal of SIM registration is to reduce SMS-related spam, scams, phishing, and other cybercrime. However, its effects and benefits will only be assessed after the process is over on April 2023, 180 days since the registration was implemented.

As of January 4, 2023, over 14 million, or 8.31% of SIMs have already been registered in the Philippines.

If you’re having issues or want to report something regarding SIM registration, you can contact DICT’s complaint center for assistance.

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