Lazada breaks record with 2x more sales from the last 11.11


Despite lacking actual specific numbers, Lazada is confident in having broken its own record in terms of buyers and sellers from the recently-held November 11 (11.11) sales.

Based on the platform’s estimates, the numbers would at least be double from last year, counting orders and sales.

Lazada head of business unit, Petrus Carbonell, claims unprecedented sales in a span of 1 day from across the Philippines.


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Now a household name among millions of customers, Lazada has become a go-to among consumers, especially in light of the global health issue which sees a transition to Filipino’s shopping preferences, says Carbonell.

In his further disclosure, the Lazada exec claims of dramatic sales growth this 2020, particularly in essential goods that see rise to up to 15 times.

Apart from being a source for crucial products, many also seem to have developed a habit that sees Lazada as a “lifestyle destination,” which leads to the discovery of various products through the platform.


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