We’ve seen 5G slowly crawling in the market last 2019. But in 2020, we expect it to hit the mainstream thanks to new value chipsets like the MediaTek Dimensity 800.

As the name suggests, the new MediaTek Dimensity 800 is the budget alternative to the high-end Dimensity 1000L. This shall help introduce the latest 5G connectivity to ‘premium’ midrange smartphones. Just like what Qualcomm did with the new Snapdragon 765G processor.


Announced at CES 2020, the Dimensity 800 is built in a power-efficient 7nm process. It consists of four 2GHz Cortex-A76 performance cores and four other 2GHz Cortex-A55 efficiency cores.

The chipset will have the same four-core GPU that the Dimensity 1000 has. GPU acceleration is also enabled by HyperEngine technology. We’re excited to see how it performs in benchmarks and gaming.


The MediaTek Dimensity 800 series will have integrated 5G modems. It can handle 5G with dual-carrier aggregation (2CC CA) that offers 30% wider coverage.

It has support for standalone and non-standalone sub-6GHz networks. Has Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). And for markets that still don’t have 5G coverage, the chipset has multi-node support from 2G up to 4G.


Another bonus is the Voice over New Radio (VoNR) support. This new high-speed network is expected to consume a lot of power. So, MediaTek assures the people that the Dimensity 800 has ‘extreme energy efficiency”.

Besides 5G, the MediaTek Dimensity 800 will come with the usual upgrades. There’s the new MediaTek APU 3.0 AI processing unit. It can also handle a 64-megapixel camera or 32-megapixel + 16-megapixel dual camera arrays.

We’re also seeing high refresh rate screens taking the spotlight this 2020. With that, MediaTek equipped the chip with support for 90Hz screens with FHD+ resolution.

We shall see the new MediaTek Dimensity 800 to come in premium midrange devices this 2020.

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