Anti-malware and security software these days often come in bundles and suites of utilities. For the Norton 360 suite, there’s VPN, parental control, password manager, and so many more on top of the standard malware protection. And it’s about to be added with one more utility: Ethereum mining.

That’s right, in the coming weeks Norton 360 will allow users to mine the second-biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Other reputable cryptocurrencies are currently being considered. Apparently, the Norton brand is a good fit for crypto mining.

Per the company’s press release, miners often risk their computer’s security by disabling malware protection, since many mining software are mistakenly flagged as harmful and malicious.


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But with an integrated mining utility, to be called Norton Crypto, the company says its users can now mine while remaining safe. To ease entry into mining, Crypto can be set up in just a few clicks. Norton will also provide users its own version of crypto wallets, one that is stored in the cloud to avoid losing the wallet in case of hard-drive failure.

To make use of the mined cryptocurrency, the company in a statement says there will be a button for pulling money into Coinbase.

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