Nvidia is seeking to acquire UK-based chipmaker, Arm, Ltd., as SoftBank is said to explore possible options to let go a portion or a total of its stake over the company, Bloomberg reports.

Both companies are reportedly in “advanced talks” over the matter and is anticipated to come up with a deal in the coming weeks—or not at all.

If the two conglomerates come to an agreement, it will see Nvidia paying $55 billion dollar, based on market analysis, over the company that SoftBank acquired for $32 billion four years ago.

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While ideally a move that could significantly put Nvidia at an advantage against its competition in the tech space, the potential for the procurement is not without its obstacle. 

The issue primarily boiling down to Arm’s business relationship with companies that are essentially in direct competition against the graphics card company, insinuating the need for “equal access to Arm’s instruction set” should it pushed through.

Arm’s influence in the industry is profound, with it a critical piece in smartphones and whose design has been the paragon of CPUs of today. Recently, the same chip is also seeing reach in other sectors of the industry, namely data centers, smart cars, and networking equipment.

Source: Bloomberg

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