Smartphones, smartwatches and wristbands are currently your staple choices for the active lifestyle with focus on “smart” fitness tracking. What you may not be aware, though, is the availability of wearable technology that’s more intimate. Think along the lines of underclothing, specifically a biometric sports bra. Canadian company OMsignal has one, and it’s called the OMbra.

As a wearable device that promotes good health, the OMbra can measure or observe your breathing rhythm, fatigue, heart rate and other vital signs. It uses these biometric data to tell you how you’re performing during workouts and how you can improve.

During the making of the OMbra, researchers found out that a lot of women fail to pick the right size bra. That’s why they made their biometric sports bra out of stretchable fabric (with suitable straps and closure) that adjusts to the contours of the body, even when in movement. The OMbra further features mesh panels for breathability and removable padding that accommodates various cup shapes and sizes.

You’d think all the sensors in the bra would make it a cumbersome wearable, but initial impressions actually find OMbra comfortable. It’s a pain in the pocket, though: the official price is $149. Reservations are available for a “spring 2016” release.

What about the men? OMSignal previously launched biometric smart shirts under its OM Biometric Smartwear collection.

[Source: OMsignal]

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