CES 2020 has began, and we’ve already seen a bunch of cool and unique tech that may or may not make it to the public. One of them is the new OnePlus Concept One smartphone.

The OnePlus Concept One is basically a dressed-up OnePlus 7T Pro. It was designed alongside sports car manufacturer McLaren, hence the Papaya Orange leather that it’s wrapped with. There’s also the Gold metal chassis that hold everything together.

Its main highlight is the disappearing camera on the back. OnePlus used the same electrochromic glass that McLaren uses in the sunroof of their sports cars.

The glass turns to dark when current is applied. It blocks the sunlight on cars and hides the rear cameras on the OnePlus Concept One.


It switches to opaque to transparent at only 0.7 seconds. This means that the back panel will look sleek and clean when the camera is not in use. And if you start to fire up the camera, the glass will go clear in a snap.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, this new glass also has an added benefit in photography. It doubles as an ND filter. Perfect if you’re shooting at sunny outdoors. You’d usually need a separate accessory for this to work.


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However, it’s not clear if this feature will come to an official OnePlus smartphone soon. This type of glass doesn’t seem to come cheap. As you know, the company’s priority is to release devices that offer great value for the price.

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