OPPO Blu-Ray Player UDP-205

4K video is one of the biggest trends in the business right now, unfortunately not all players (even Blu-ray ones)  can support this format and are UHD compatible.

There might be some products from world-renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG,  and Philips that has 4K support but there’s always something better and bigger than what the market has.

For this case, OPPO’s UDP-205 (next to UDP 203) is the big bad player that would have any audiophile selling their properties to get a hold of it. Why? Maybe because this is a four-figure Blu-ray player that costs $1,299. Yes, you read that right. OPPO’s latest Blu-ray player is so valued it can be a whole theater system by itself.

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Of course, there is a valid and very acceptable reason for this. What it ask for the price, it gives back with its strengths. On its audio side, the UDP 205 has dual ES9038PRO DACs, XLR and RCA connector support, and an HDMI audio jitter reduction circuit. It has two analog outputs for external connection, allowing the player to be connected to multiple sources. When it comes to visual, the Blu-Ray player has HRD10 support, a soon-to-come Dolby Vision update, 4K upscaling, and 4K Blu-Rays to older format support.

Together, the audio and video capabilities of the UDP-205 will provide a more than excellent experience with top of the notch sound and video quality. The only question is whether it is worth that much? If you have the means to buy the product, then don’t hesitate but if you don’t, there are other players out there that are meant for you.

As of now, the $1,299 Blu-Ray player is only available at OPPO’s online store but will soon come to specialty retailers as well.

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