PLDT has provided a statement regarding the latest issue involving its contractors and Fibr users.

Facebook user John Michael Paredes accuses PLDT contractors of disconnecting paying PLDT Fibr subscribers to free up ports on Access Point Boxes that are already full. It alleges that contractors deliberately pulls out a subscriber’s line, causing the LOS (Loss Of Signal) indicator on the subscriber’s modem to flash red.

The freed up port is then given to households with pending Fibr applications. Paredes’ neighbors also claimed that they have experienced the same incident. You can read the full Facebook post below, which has garnered 3.7K reactions, 4.3K comments, and 9.9K shares since it was posted four days ago.

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PLDT took to Facebook and addressed the issue. In a post (see below), the company acknowledged the issue and condemn the alleged wrongdoings stating that it’s “clearly improper and will not be tolerated”.

The company’s network and legal teams are investigating the reports. In the meantime, the company encourages subscribers who have a similar experience to reach them via email at

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  1. Yes thats true. I complained lastAug 8, somebody came wanting to come inside to repair, we declined cuz of covid. Told them to check outside line, they said its ok. If okay how come our internet is on off, most of the time off. So disgusting, pldt bad service😡😡

  2. Please check my first ref no. Last june 30- 34217549 nawala dial tone net, red light lang meron, after 10days na sira naayos na sa nap box..sabi ng lineman ok na… july 20 nawala ulit tulad dati walang red light lang.. ref no 34452570…15 days na red light lang.. nung pumunta yung pldt lineman at i check nya, inalis daw at naka hugot yung akin sa nap box at may ibang nakalagay doon sa pwesto ko kaya red light daw!! Kapag kumuha kayo ng contractor siguraduhin nyong maayos at di gago mag trabaho!!

  3. I experienced the same! I don’t have internet connection (NO DIAL TONE means NO INTERNET!!!) for more than a month now and yet they sent me a bill to pay, duh! At times of this that we need to WFH, this is really disappointing to the extent that I need to beg to give me a feedback on the status of my complaint.

    Line was cut July 8, 2020, reported, after 10 days the technician went to our house and fixed it but after two days, GONE again (NO DIAL TONE
    means NO INTERNET). Kept on calling their 171 but what a heck, it was always an answering machine. Keeps on trying until finally was able to spoke to one of their CSR. Oh well, to make a complaint short and this really pissed me off, up to you but I will NOT pay your bill. Cut me if you want, I don’t care anymore! Up to now, August 15, 2020, still NO INTERNET!!!

  4. Last Tuesday I report my problem to pldt. I don’t have a connection. LOS signal in red light.until now there’s no action in my problem. Until now I don’t have a internet connection. 😡😡😡

  5. Well, I think at one point this would’ve happened because, in my opinion, PLDT does not rollout additional Access Point Boxes that fast to meet up with the demand… and guess what, it happened. And to share, I am still waiting for my PLDT Fibr upgrade for a good 7-8 months already and upon checking out why the Fibr connection hasn’t been installed, they would simply say there are no available “boxes” (pointing out to Access Point Box). Soooo yeah, something like this was bound to happen at one point in my opinion.

  6. This one is fucking true. My line got disconnected becuase the fucking contractor removed my fiber line and replaced by a new fiber user without even noticing me. Protek <- fucking corrupt linemen. Area is Baliuag, Bulacan