Apple’s problem for the new iPhones has finally surfaced online. 

Almost every year, the new iPhones are filled with controversy after their launch. It started with the signal problems up to the bend-gate, and now we have another one in the form of charging.

An iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) user in Taiwan named Ms. Wu reported that her new iPhone had an issue while using the original wall adapter and lightning cable included in the package.

While she was charging the phone, the user noticed that the front panel developed a bulge which disconnected the screen from the frame of the body. It was just three minutes in, but it was enough to significantly damage the phone already.

Ms. Wu’s carrier coordinated with her and sent the iPhone in question to Apple for further analysis of the situation.

The problem is not that isolated because another iPhone 8 Plus user from Japan got the same problem. She took to Twitter to show what happened to her iPhone when it arrived. Surprisingly, it looks awfully similar to the condition of Ms. Wu’s device.

It’s still unknown what causes the problem, but early assesments point to a swollen battery which is kinda alarming. Hopefully, it won’t end up like the Galaxy Note 7.

Apple is currently investigating and they’ll come up with a statement soon.

Since Apple makes and sells millions of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it’s understandable that there are several faulty units among the bunch. So, please don’t panic just yet.

Source: CN Beta | Via: The Next Web

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