Rhino Shield, a brand known for its impact resistant screen protector and bumper case, is now available in the Philippines.

The Rhino Shield screen protector offers protection from fingerprints, scratches and (more importantly) impacts. It does all this, and it measures only 0.029cm thick (ergo, hardly no bulk added to the phone it protects). Check out the video below Evolutive Labs, the company behind Rhino Shield. A person is actually hammering the hell out of an iPhone wearing the screen protector. It left the phone with no damage whatsoever.

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Rhino Shield Crash Guard

On the other hand, the Rhino Shield Crash Guard bumper case makes use of a so-called Eggdrop Technology that claims to absorb impact of at least 11 feet. Like the screen protector, it’s designed to be minimalist (only 2.5mm thick) without compromising its impact absorbing capability. The whole thing is structured akin to honeycomb, with pressurized air in certain compartments that essentially work like airbags to deflect impact energy. If you’re a klutz, you’ll be happy to know that the Crash Guard has a matte finish to help you hold your mobile device better.

Both products can now be bought at Lazada Philippines, as well as in Power Mac Center and Applewerkz branches.

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