Samsung releases Galaxy Note 7R


Remember the very “explosive” Galaxy Note 7R that Samsung released and pulled off within the same year? The one with battery issues that caused phones to suddenly explode? Well, it’s coming back to the market but with a slight difference in its name.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (with the “R” standing for refurbished) is a better and safer version of the Galaxy Note 7 model. Instead of the 3500mAh battery that was used for the original Note 7, the phablet will be powered by a smaller 3200mAH battery. This was done because an internal investigation showed that the Note 7 had two different battery models. This led to the 8-point battery inspection plan for all handsets, ensuring safety of the user and quality in the phone’s production.


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However, despite the admittance of the battery issue, there were still those who blamed the Samsung for such an ambitious device. They complained that the explosion was not just because of the battery. They insinuated that the explosion had something to do with the the specs and features that the Galaxy Note 7 had including the 5.7-inch Gorilla Glass-covered Super AMOLED screen, a fingerprint and iris scanner,  an Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820 chipset. However, there is no affirmation to these claims but the device did have a very powerful set of features.

Unfortunately, the U.S. market might not see the Galaxy Note 7R at all. Despite the loyalty of Samsung fans that did not return their Galaxy Note 7, a bigger part of the American market is moving on to the next big thing that Samsung is bringing to the table, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, the Asian and European markets will get to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in action.

As for the price and specs of the Galaxy Note 7R, it is yet to be announced though chances are they will have the same as their predecessor (or a little cheaper).

Source: PhoneArena

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