What with fewer innovations left to be achieved in the processor and display departments, manufacturers are now looking for other means to keep the upper hand in the mobile market. Samsung, for one, has unveiled its 3-bit NAND-based eMMC 5.0 storage solution that can pave the way for affordable smartphones and tablets with 128GB internal storage.

Note that this storage solution is based on an older technology; high-end devices are already taking advantage of more recent standards, such as Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 or eMMC 5.1. Nonetheless, Samsung managed to come up with the same level of performance for its new 128GB flash storage module. For one, sequential data reading can reach up to 260MB/s, whereas random data read and write operations can reach up to 6000 input/output operations per second. These numbers are four and 10 times as fast as conventional external memory cards.

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No devices have been mentioned that will boast this new flash storage module. But if all goes well, expect some new mid-range smartphone with 128GB internal storage sometime this year.

[Source: Samsung]

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