Do not side-load Google apps on Huawei devices, Google warns

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It looks like Google Mobile Services is not coming back to Huawei devices very soon.

A recent post on Android Support forums, from Google themselves, clarified the issue and provided a warning to Huawei users side-loading Google apps on their restricted devices.


For a quick background, the US government prohibited American companies, including Google, to do business with Huawei.

Huawei devices launched from May 16, 2019, onwards will not have support for Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube, and more. Even their flagship device like the Mate 30 Pro, despite how great the hardware is, was affected.


However, there are still users of newer Huawei devices that was able to side-load Google apps on their smartphones. But, Google provided them a warning, saying that installing apps that’s been “altered and tampered” can compromise security.

A smartphone needs to be “Certified” by Google before they clear it to have app support. And to be certified, smartphones should go under a meticulous security review.

Since they were banned to work with Chinese tech giant, newer Huawei devices didn’t go through the said security review. Hence, they are considered “Uncertified” devices, with possible security risks, and can’t have Google Mobile Services (GMS).


This latest statement from Google is a clear indication that GMS won’t be coming back on Huawei devices anytime soon. But, Huawei is shaking it off. Their latest statement says that they are no longer interested in using Google services, even when the ban gets lifted. Although, that was later on retracted a couple of hours after.

That’s why Huawei is hard at work to develop its own ecosystem of apps to replace Google’s. In fact, the company claims that its own Huawei Mobile Services is steadily growing.

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