Taking content that will be good enough to make it to your own social media grid can be frustratingly challenging. Without a doubt, behind every great photo is a high-effort production to bring your own vision to life. Most of the time, you find yourself in the middle of this labor-intensive process, taking hundreds of snaps just to get ‘the one’ – whether you’re in a quaint cafe perfecting your food flatlay or out in the streets documenting your nifty OOTD.

Amazing content, indeed, takes a lot of hard work and time to create. But this can be transformed into an enjoyable experience when you have a smartphone with clever features, sharper lenses and faster processes, that is the vivo V27 5G smartphone.

Ahead, 3 tried-and-tested tips are listed to achieve pro-level photography using vivo’s latest flagship mobile device:

Test V27’s top-notch lenses and always opt for maximum quality and sharpness

Launch the camera on your V27 smartphone and have fun with its highly capable triple camera system to discover for yourself one of its handiest superpowers. Point at whichever subject your heart desires and see how tack-sharp it registers.

Optimize this smartphone’s 50MP with Eye Autofocus front vlogging camera, 50MP rear camera, 8MP super wide-angle camera, and 2MP macro camera. In addition, the V27 is also powered by Sony IMX 766V Sensor that is usually available on high-end phones.

Shift to ‘Portrait Mode’ to elevate your creativity


Put your V27’s lenses closer to your subject and frame it. Then, tap the screen to focus and adjust the Exposure Dial. See the magic it creates as it adds interest and drama to your stills.

With this smartphone’s Portrait Mode, you will also achieve stunning Bokeh effects that deliver a natural blur to highlight your subject even more.

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Find the perfect glow with Aura Light

You win at photography when you have good lighting. Period. Make your subject pop with studio-level lighting which the Aura Light can provide. Appearing as a built-in ring light, once activated, it detects low ambient light and adds brightness for you to achieve truly eye-catching photos.

So, even if you’re just a casual snapper, you will be able to take your Instagram game to a higher notch when you follow these 3 tips while you explore the different features of your vivo V27 5G’s camera. With a powerful mobile device like this boasting best-in-class performance and cameras, creating high-quality content should now just be a cakewalk.

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