Update your old iPhone or lose internet, Apple warns


Are you still rocking an old iPhone, or have one laying around? Well, if you’re still planning to use it, then you might want to pay attention to this important news.

Apple released a warning to the users of some older iPhones and cellular iPads that alerts them to update their devices to a newer software version — or risk completely losing internet connection. They have until midnight on Sunday (UTC), November 3, 2019, to do so.


The affected devices are the iPhone 5 and iPad 4th Gen with a software version iOS 9.3.6. Also, the iPhone 4s, iPad Mini 1st Gen (Cellular), iPad 2 (Cellular, CDMA models), and iPad 3rd Gen (Cellular) with iOS 9.3.6.

If you’re not familiar with how to check your device’s software version, simply head to the Settings > General > About, and you have the answer in the Software Version section.

Apple said that the issue was caused by the GPS time rollover. This is an occurrence every 19 years that requires GPS-enabled devices to reset so it can continuously measure time, date, and more.


With that, updating to the latest software means that you can continue browsing the web, social media apps, do emails, use the App Store and iCloud, and other related tasks that require internet connection, after the deadline on Sunday.

The Software Update section is also right within the settings menu. But if you wouldn’t able to do an over-the-air (OTA) update by November 3, then you have to do it via a computer instead. Since your device might have lost its internet connection already.

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