A United States government official has pleaded guilty for spending his campaign funds for various unrelated expenses such as purchasing video games from Steam and even buying plane tickets for his pet Rabbits.

US Representative Duncan Hunter was said to have used around USD1,302 (~Php66,000) of his campaign funds on various Steam games. While also spending his funds on different items such as movie tickets, fast food, sneakers, Lego sets, Playdoh, groceries, dog food and utility expenses.

Image Credit: Mike Blake/Reuters

Aside from this, he also spent some of the money on luxurious items such as lavish 5-Star hotels, overseas vacations and plane tickets for their pet Rabbits. Those lucky rabbits.

What’s funny about this is that Duncan and his family were said to be bankrupt at that time. Couldn’t they have spent a little bit less on their expenses and lived according to their means?

The maximum penalty for Duncan Hunter’s case is said to be five years in prison along with a USD250,000 (~Php12.7 million) fine.

The investigation all started back in 2016, where Duncan Hunter was questioned about how he was able to support his family’s lavish lifestyles. Looks like the investigators got a nice tip.

Via: Polygon

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