RAM expansion technology is starting to arrive in more smartphones. Now, OPPO announced that select devices from them would get it too.

About a month ago, OPPO introduced RAM Expansion in Singapore. Now, a similar technology named OPPO RAM+ is coming in markets in Africa, Middle East, and hopefully in more regions in the future.

Like the new update that the Redmi Note 10 Pro got, this technology can covert a piece of the internal storage and turn it into virtual RAM. This means that if your device has 6GB of RAM out of the box, you can expand it to 8GB or more, depending on how the technology works on your device.

The increased RAM will benefit the device’s multitasking capabilities, speed, and efficiency, but don’t expect a long-lasting effect.

Via: GSMArena

As for OPPO devices, users have an option to make three levels of adjustments where they can get as much as 7GB of extra RAM — at least on the flagship Find X2, as evident to the screenshot above.

The OPPO RAM+ feature will arrive on the A94, and A74, Reno 5 series in select markets this month. Meanwhile, similar technology called OPPO RAM Expansion will arrive in the Find X2, also this month.

Source: GSMArena, Phonearena

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