Two of the internet’s most popular platforms for online story and streaming audio, Wattpad and Spotify, respectively, are teaming up to bring out podcasts among Filipino and Indonesian web novelists.

Through the partnership with Spotify, it is anticipated that Wattpad will gain a boost to its reach of audiences, extending well beyond its already expansive 90 million user base.

Speaking on the subject of the collaboration, Director of Account Management for Wattpad brand partnerships Kelly O’Mara tells, “Southeast Asia is home to many of the most successful and influential authors on Wattpad.”

The first of its kind in Asia, O’Mara continues by saying how the collaboration could fuel the “fans’ love for the literary world through audio.”

Spotify Head of Studios for Southeast Asia Carl Zuzarte complements O’Mara’s statement by suggesting that “Indonesia and the Philippines are brimming with creativity and brilliant storytellers.”

With the authors in mind, Zuzarte highlights also how the joint project “will allow the authors to engage with their fans in a unique way and reach new fans and listeners.”

Of the featured podcasts, “Love and Wander with Tina” author Ma. Cristina Lata takes center stage as she talks about love and other interesting topics, shares fan letters, as well as comments on her creations.

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