The 2022 edition of cybersecurity firm Surfshark’s Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index is here. The Philippines now ranks 14th in the report out of 34 profiled countries in Asia.

Compared to last year’s rankings, the Philippines slipped down two spots among the Asian countries. Worldwide, the country now also ranks lower this year at 55th place out of 117 countries, or seven spots lower than last year.

As with past iterations, the 2022 edition of DQL evaluates countries according to five pillars—e-infrastructure, e-government, e-security, internet affordability, and internet quality.

This year also evaluated 14 indicators under these pillars, including network readiness, internet speed growth, and cybersecurity.


Based on these indicators, the DQL 2022 report found that users in the Philippines would need more time to work to afford the cheapest broadband Internet subscription. This in turn lowered the country’s ranking in terms of overall internet affordability versus last year.

Worsening broadband internet stability, along with decreased improvements in mobile and broadband speeds, has also led to a lower ranking for the country in overall internal quality.

Of the five pillars, the Philippines only saw a slight increase in electronic government by having better AI readiness than last year.

Source: SurfShark

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