The worldwide tablet and Chromebook market fell in 2022 — one of the key indications of changing times.

The worldwide tablet market fell by 3.3% in 2022 and only posted a 0.3% growth in Q4, which is only similar to last year. Meanwhile, Chromebooks market fell hard with a 48% decline and sold 48% fewer units in Q4.


Despite the drop, the top sellers are the same. We have Apple leading the pack by owning 49.2% of the market share while Samsung is a distant second at 16.8%.

Apple also managed to have the most impressive growth at 7% for the whole year and a 28.8% year-over-year growth for Q4. Samsung only managed to pull a 7.1% growth during the same period.



The third to fifth spot belongs to Amazon, Lenovo, and HUAWEI, respectively. Sadly, all of them posted negative growth.


IDC analysts said that these brands should release tablets that will appeal to the mainstream market. This is why new players like OPPO and Xiaomi introduced midrange tablets instead.

Meanwhile, Chomebooks’ 2022 numbers look so bad because of its very impressive 2021 figures. There’s still hope, especially since students are going back to school. If you’re still looking to buy a tablet for the next school year or for work and entertainment, here’s a price list of tablets available in the Philippines.

Source: IDC

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