No matter how reliable and fancy iOS devices are, a lot of enthusiasts still prefer Android phones. At this point, it’s not just about reliability and usability. These people just love to play with their phones and play doctor with it.

This kind of interest starts from customizing the interface, installing different APKs, up to flashing custom ROMs — even a full version of Windows 10 x4 ARM system.


Yup, that’s right, you can flash your phone to run an operating system made for full-fledged PC computers.

One user of the Xiaomi Mi 6 was able to flash the x66 ARM-based Windows 10 operating system on his flagship smartphone from 2018.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Since it’s a full Windows 10 version, it can run .exe files and other standard software that you can find on a regular PC. It should also support some light and undemanding games, but I doubt you can play triple-A titles on the device’s hardware.

The Mi 6 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Back in 2017, Qualcomm announced that this processor will power future Windows 10 PC. Some of those laptops arrived at the same year, like the ASUS NovaGo.


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Windows 10, despite its ability to run on mobile devices, is still designed to work on PC. The boot-up screen will ask for your keyboard input selection. So for better experience, go get your self a set of keyboard and mouse, and possibly a USB dongle for extra ports.

Via: GizmoChina

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