You might have received a notification about YouTube Gaming while watching your favorite gaming YouTubers lately.

It’s actually about YouTube’s newest gaming destination, YouTube Gaming. You can go ahead and take a look at YouTube Gaming.

The YouTube gaming app was released back in 2015 as a way to attract not only viewers, but also content creators. The YouTube gaming app had dedicated Game Pages for better discoverability, Super Chat and Channel Memberships to help fans show support for their favorite content creators. Unfortunately, all of these features weren’t enough to make some content creators make the switch from Twitch and this, incidentally, made the gaming app retire.

YouTube gaming Issues

The main issue with the YouTube Gaming app is that discovering up and coming content creators was really hard. In Twitch, discovering new content creators was relatively easy. You just need to click on the page of a game you’d like to watch and several streamers playing the game you’ve picked will be featured. These streamers would range from the very top streamers and to those just starting up their channels.

Instead of being a source of game streaming content, YouTube instead became the dumping ground of cutdown and edited gameplay videos from Twitch, which I believe could still be a good thing as it still draws viewers to their site; but if you’re like YouTube, who wants to be the number one source of game streams, it’s really not a great look.

It’s not all bad for YouTube though

YouTube was still able to get 200 million gamers to engage with their favorite games and creators every day. Gamers also watched a whopping 50 billion + hours of gaming content in the last 12 months alone.

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YouTube Gaming Shut Down

YouTube is also carrying the YouTube gaming experience from the app to the parent site. Top Live Games, Top Live streams and Videos from YouTubers you’re subscribed to will now show up on the main homepage. This allows you to select the best and the most relevant content for your own, personalized viewing experience.

Up and coming content creators, which YouTube dubs them as “On The Rise”, will also be featured every Sunday on the site.  A good nod to help them get in more viewers.

Potential of YouTube

I believe this is a great move for YouTube as it tries to lessen the gap between them and Twitch. I believe they were now able to see the importance of attracting small content creators rather than just the already established ones. This new “attack” might be beneficial in the long road as YouTube is still, arguably, the best video and streaming site.

Lastly, doesn’t the new look YouTube Gaming page look like Twitch?

Via: TechCrunch

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