ZTE Iceberg concept phone has two display notches

zte iceberg

We hoped that the display notch trend would just come and go immediately. But apparently, it looks like it is here to stay. That’s because there’s a new concept smartphone that ZTE is currently working on.

The new ZTE Iceberg concept phone is taking it up a notch (pun intended) by having not one, but two screen notches. But the thing is, having two of these display shenanigan actually makes sense.

The top-notch will house the earpiece, selfie camera, and the ambient light and proximity sensors, while the one at the bottom will contain front-facing speakers. If you think about it, having the loudspeaker on the front actually provides better listening experience — a feature that was compromised since the bezel-less smartphones become popular.

zte iceberg concept phone two display notches

Also, it provides a symmetrical look on the device. Something that people with OCD would really appreciate. Additionally, the ZTE Iceberg also has raised glass in all four corners — as if the device is fitted inside a picture frame.

Other than its bizarre design, the Iceberg has some conventional features. There are two cameras at the back and an easy-to-reach fingerprint scanner. There’s also a pin connector at the bottom part, which means that ZTE might introduce attachable accessories on this handset like Motorola’s Moto Mods.

Since the ZTE Iceberg is just a concept phone, we might have to wait until next year to see a finished product. Or worse, we might never see that at all.

Source: WinFuture


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