Facebook is rumored to be working on its own smartwatch


Social media giant Facebook appears to be making advancements in its attempt to expand its hardware business.

A few years ago, the company acquired the VR headset manufacturer Oculus. Now, it appears that Facebook is interested in getting a slice of the pie in the growing smartwatch market.

Apple Watch Series 6

As per the report, Facebook is secretly developing an Android-based smartwatch. Albeit, it’s not clear if it will use Google’s Wear OS, as the company is also rumored to be creating its own operating system that will be used in its future hardware.

Like the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and other popular wearables, the Facebook smartwatch will feature messaging, health, and fitness tracking. It should also work seamlessly with Facebook’s virtual reality headset and Portal video conferencing devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

All these hardware will also blend with the rumored Ray-Ban smart glasses and whatever hardware its Project Aria augmented reality research will come up with.

While a market-ready product is still kept under wraps, Facebook’s hardware effort is not brand-new news. The social media giant has 6,000 people working on different virtual and augmented reality hardware.

Source: The Information

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