Apple’s up and coming flagship devices are anticipated to arrive sometime in October which will see the inclusion of the product line-up’s smallest smartphone yet with the iPhone 12 Mini

The ‘Mini’ version refers to the entry-level iPhone 12, which measures at 5.4-inches. In addition, there also appears to be a correction with the naming involving the “iPhone 12 Max” which appears to be technically labeled simply as “iPhone 12.”

The “mini” suffix has seen previous use by Apple, particularly in the Mac and iPad product line-ups, which makes its use with the iPhone 12 rather unsurprising.

On the other hand, the suffixes “pro” and “pro max” might also see employ in a similar fashion to how they’re used with the iPhone 11.


The new iPhones releasing will be revolutionary products for Apple in that they will be the first to feature 5G capability in the entire iPhone line-up as well as equip Apple’s own produced 5nm process, the A14.

Early benchmarks show promising results with the Apple microchip which highlights improved performance over previous CPUs as well as a significantly better battery efficiency.

Via: Apple Insider

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