iPhone SE successor arriving early next year

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The news about the upcoming successor to the iPhone SE sent waves across the industry way back in August. But more than just a hearsay, recent report seems to corroborate about the reality of this news.

According to a Chinese report, iPhone SE’s heir dubbed “iPhone SE 2” is indeed happening and is said to be in development in India by the Wistron company. While this may sound like a business targeted towards the Indian market, the product, when launched, is to make a sale in the global market.

Although nothing is set in stone just yet, speculations are strong which say that the product is to make its debut within the first quarter of next year. Looking back, the original iPhone SE was originally launched back in March 2016.

Original iPhone SE | Apple

However, the iPhone SE 2 will not be in the same league as the recently released flagship, the iPhone X. In fact, the device had always been intended as a budget phone targeted towards the budget-conscious market.

Yet, despite this fact, the iPhone SE lineup has generated enough following likely due to its easy pocketability as a classic 4-incher smart device.

But do not let its size fool you into thinking that this is going to be a slow device. According to rumors, this upcoming device will feature the same chipset as seen on the iPhone 7. And by today’s standards, that’s still relatively fast.

Sure, it may not pack the same processing horsepower as the latest iPhone flagship. But what can you expect from a phone touted as a “budget” device?

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