Filipinos yearning for more telco options has been evident since DITO Telecommunity, the company that broke PLDT and Globe’s duopoly, came into existence.

Back in June, DITO announced that they already achieved the 1 million subscriber milestone, just about two months since their initial rollout back in March. Now, another two months later, DITO was able to double that number as they now have 2 million subscribers.

DITO also announced that they are now present in around 200 cities across the Philippines. You can check the list of coverage areas to see if your location is one of them. You can also see the list of compatible devices to see if your phone can support a DITO SIM card.

These numbers are expected to go up as DITO introduces more services in the future. As you know, they only offer a couple of prepaid promos. As time goes by, we shall expect DITO to launch more prepaid offerings, and even postpaid plans, home WiFi services, and possibly fixed internet.

In case you want to switch to DITO from Globe or Smart, you can do so while keeping their number as the trio is gearing to launch the mobile number portability feature this September 30, 2021.

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