Everything is getting expensive these days. So much so that even GCash has now started charging a 2% fee for users who will purchase Smart prepaid load.

GCash is yet to make an official announcement regarding the change. However, some users have reported that the e-wallet service has apparently started charging a convenience fee for Smart load since November.


We tried it out and found that there’s now a Php1.00 convenience fee when we tried loading a GIGA STORIES 50 prepaid promo to a Smart mobile number.

On the other hand, buying mobile load to a Globe number doesn’t come with a convenience fee. That means you’d only be paying the exact amount you’re buying.



We also tried loading a DITO Telecommunity number and it also didn’t charge us a convenience fee. That said, it seems like the 2 percent fee is only exclusive to Smart prepaid load.


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While it’s been personally confirmed, we’re curious to see if GCash will officially address or make a statement regarding these changes for us to know the reason behind it.

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