Globe at Home announced that it will be launching a fiber-to-the-room (FTTR) technology service in the country soon. This will make the telco the first in Southeast Asia to achieve such feat.

As per Globe Telecom, the FTTR technology has the ability to deliver “extremely fast and ultra seamless” WiFi connectivity with “exceptionally low latency.”

The telco explains that both the speed and coverage of such technology are 10x better than the traditional WiFi network. It can also handle up to 128 devices simultaneously connected.

Globe said that such technology will be useful in large spaces, buildings, and houses with thick multiple concrete floors and walls. And more importantly, places with many connected devices.

The FTTR technology will be part of the brand’s GFiber Unli plans.


So, how will it be implemented? Globe explains that the goal is to build an all-optical base on the customer’s WiFi network. The fiber will then reach every room that will then be connected to a gigabit WiFi 6 coverage.

More details about the Globe at Home FTTR will be shared soon. In the meantime, you can check the full list of available Globe Fiber Unli plans.

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