It’s been quite some time since select Huawei devices are shipping without Android. It was so long ago that we now have the HarmonyOS 3.0.

The new HarmonyOS 3.0 made its subtle debut with the release of the MatePad Pro 11, making this flagship tablet the first device to ever support this latest operating system from the Chinese tech giant.

There are a lot of things to talk about the third generation of Huawei‘s proprietary operating system. But for today, we want to focus on the best new features found on HarmonyOS 3.0. We’ll also try to see which devices are eligible to get this update. Let’s begin.

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Best new features of HarmonyOS 3.0

There are a couple of new things to look out for on the latest HarmonyOS 3.0. But for today, we’ll narrow down some of the main ones. Let’s begin.

Huawei Super Device


The Huawei Super Device lets a lot of devices in the Huawei ecosystem work seamlessly together. For one, it lets you easily cast your smartphone screen to the Huawei Vision TV, output audio to any Huawei earphones or speaker, print documents wirelessly, and more.

With the new version of HarmonyOS, expect Super Device to run better and support more devices. For one, you can even pair a compatible treadmill with a Huawei smartwatch and earphones when working out.

HarmonyOS also works on select car dashboards, just like Android Auto and Apple Carplay. In a few clicks, Huawei Super Device allows you to wirelessly cast your smartphone on your infotainment system.

Wireless screen projection


Did you forget your HDMI cable for an important presentation? Do you want a clean laptop-monitor setup? Here’s one for you.

On a compatible Huawei laptop and monitor, you can project the former’s screen to the latter wirelessly. No quality is lost as the image would still be in HD, with cinematic colors, and even reduced image blur when zooming in. This feature should work on the latest MateBook 16 series and MateView monitors.

Service Widgets


Huawei has innovated home screen widgets for HarmonyOS 3.0. The new version allows you to stack widgets together to save space, mix them, add system buttons and shortcuts, and more.

You can also customize their shapes, add texts and stickers, and more.

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Smart Home Screen Layout


Do you want an easier way for your home screen to be organized? HarmonyOS 3.0 can easily group apps and service widgets by color, or even categories like social, food, lifestyle, travel, and whatnot. You also have an option to choose from different templates.

Privacy Center


The HarmonyOS 3.0 now has a privacy center that can be found in the settings menu. It gives you a look at how apps frequently access your data. It also offers system-level security risk detection.

Sensitive Information Removal


When enabled, sensitive data like shooting location, device model used, and time will be removed from the image. This lets you worry-free share images on social media.

HarmonyOS 3 list of compatible devices

Huawei is yet to release the official list and we’ll update this article once they do.

However, as mentioned earlier, there’s one device that’s been confirmed to ship with the latest OS version — the MatePad Pro 11. We also expect other newer Huawei devices to receive the update. There’s the new Nova 10 series, Mate Xs 2, P50 series, and more.

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