Local telco DITO Telecommunity recently passed its second audit by the National Telecommunications Commission, but a public policy think tank is wondering how that could have happened when its subscribers have been complaining about cell signal problems, including dropped calls.

InfraWatch PH is urging NTC to disclose the methods used in conducting DITO’s second audit, as the transparency could help enlighten stakeholders on how the telco obtained the passing mark. “Nothing in the audit hews closely to real-world results,” according to InfraWatch convenor Terry Ridon.

Besides issues on phone call quality, the audit results substantially differed from a recent OpenSignal report on DITO’s mobile Internet performance. The company defended its audit results, claiming that the OpenSignal report included user-made speed tests from distances beyond the farthest test distance used in the audit.

However, Ridon found this explanation “unacceptable”. He said the public wants fast, reliable speeds under a wide coverage that isn’t just within the vicinities of certain cell towers.

Still citing the OpenSignal report, specifically on the declining average speed and video experience by mobile users over the following months since DITO launched in March, Ridon claimed that this reflected the limitation of DITO’s infrastructure and its inability to cater to more users.

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  1. Ang mga ungas lang pala ang nagreklamo. Ayusin ang gobierno ni kuratong baleleng…

  2. Transparency to the process is good. I’m surprised it wasn’t? I didn’t read the report. Maybe it lacked a coverage map of some kind. I think that is likely the thing they fight the most, they have a lot of towers to build. They could be more transparent about their future plans, but I don’t think a company is required to do that for everything. I think that quoting SIM sales is misleading, and their end of year target they recently talked about seems way too high. It’s a new company. I’m mostly curious about their network. I will research that I think.