DITO is facing a formal complaint from the Malabon City government over an apparent illegal cell site construction.

The formal complaint was filed on the Malabon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Before the filing, it’s said that Engineer Christian Uriarte of Malabon’s City Engineering Office has sent notices to DITO Telecommunity but were just ignored.

As per Engr. Uriarte, they sent the notices of violation after they saw DITO pushes the construction work for the cell site without a building permit. But apparently, it wasn’t acknowledged by the company.

With that, on December 15, 2020, they charged DITO Engineer Hue Jidong and Jockey Mediola, as well as the workers on-site, of violating Section 301 of Presidential Decree 1096 or the Building Code of the Philippines.


Last month, Malabon’s local authorities arrested those charged after they continued to build the said DITO cell tower inside Barangay Tinajeros without a permit.

In a statement, Engr. Uriarte stressed that errant businessmen have no place in Malabon City. He also said that DITO Telecommunity had disrespected the Malabon government by building a cell site without a permit.

Source: The Manila Times

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