DITO built more cell towers than its 2020 target


It appears that the duopoly of Smart and Globe will finally end now that DITO Telecommunity is now in the picture. And from what it looks like, they are more than just an average competitor.

The third-telco previously said that they strive for market dominance, and by looking at their figures, it appears that they really can.

Earlier this month, DITO Telecommunity claims that their cell tower count is close to 1,900. Considering the speed rate of their deployment, they may have achieved this number by now.

With that said, their existing cell towers are more than enough to meet their required target. The company is obligated to provide 27MBps of internet speeds to 37% of the Philippine population. That requires 1,300 base stations to achieve. But now that they have about 1,900, there’s no doubt that they can deliver on their promises.

This also means that DITO is on track to roll out its commercial services on time, which is scheduled for March 2021. A few weeks earlier, we also reported that the company’s mobile network service has already entered user testing phase.

Albeit, not everything will be smooth sailing for the Chinese Company-backed telco. The Philippine Senate has deferred its franchise renewal until they can prove that it can deliver its promises to the Philippine government.

One lawmaker also voiced possible cybersecurity issues that may occur considering that DITO is affiliated with a Chinese company. DITO answered by hiring retired Philippine Army personnel and placing them in top executive positions in the company.

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