Nokia has launched a software upgrade that allows telcos to transition legacy 4G radio towers to 5G. 

Through its alternative solution, Nokia can help telco build their 5G network while saving on massive costs that come with on-site engineering and tower climbing, workers for which are essentially limited and in short supply because of the pandemic. The solution also promises reduced time for 5G deployment and can apparently let mobile users take advantage of 5G seamlessly and immediately.

5G coverage in the Philippines, in its current state, is not yet ready despite the increasing availability of 5G-enabled smartphones in the country. Perhaps our major carriers, PLDT and Globe, should take a gander at Nokia’s alternative solution.


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While it’s a boon to 5G coverage, upgrading the 4G radio towers via Nokia’s software solution won’t change the operational frequencies of these towers. The converted towers won’t therefore have the 5G mmWave frequency bands that are capable of delivering a top speed of 1.8 Gbit/s.

Nokia’s solution also has Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), so that a 5G-upgraded tower can still accommodate mobile users relying on 4G and older networks. Through its upgrade, Nokia estimates over 5 million 5G-ready towers worldwide in 2021.

Source: Nokia

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