PLDT Home announced that it’s discontinuing its Roku TVolution device.

Introduced way back in 2017, the PLDT TVolution is a set-top box from the popular brand Roku. It’s meant to make regular smart TVs have access to tons of other streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, and of course, iFlix. It also has both SD and HD channels.


Now, about five years later, PLDT announce that they will discontinue the TVolution by end of March 2022. As per the company’s website, the “device and all its applications will no longer be in service.”

PLDT Home explained that the discontinuation is part of its strategy to focus on new and improved entertainment services for its existing and future users.

Those who have their streaming service subscription charged with their PLDT account can still use the same subscription to other devices. Meanwhile, their Cignal subscription will be discontinued, but users can request to have it transferred to a Cignal set-top box for free.

If you have further concerns, PLDT advises that you reach them directly via Facebook Messenger, Twitter (@PLDT_Cares), or dialing their 171 hotline.

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  1. They discontinue the said device coz they milk money thru that anymore, so they have another strategy to release another device and add charges to someone who wants to avail typical marketing strategy your all BS